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Once you have decided that your picture is finished, not always easy, you should spray it with artists' fixative, to help stop it from smudging and fading.

The problem with creating a how to guide is that the very process of making the guide changes the way you do what it is you are trying to demonstrate.
For instance the need to keep stopping to scan the drawing in to my PC is very off putting.
Also knowing that I'm making the guide means that I do things in a more structure way than I normally would, for example I would usually need to jump back to putting more holes in my reference picture to mark out different parts of the image in more detail.
The reason I did not seam to do this in this demonstration, is because this is my third try at making it so my reference image had the holes from my first to tries.
The other tries failed due to me not saving my scans as I made then and my PC crashing, and the second try fail by me getting confused and over writing the new scans with the old scans :-(

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